About Us

Our philosophy is to respect and involve residents using our services by delivering care in the best possible way, in a home from home environment, whilst maintaining an ethos that meets the care, social, spiritual and psychological needs of the individual. We celebrate and promote equality and diversity as all-encompassing principles to ensure that every resident has their individual needs comprehensively met and is treated equally and without discrimination.

We recognise each person’s right to air their views, make choices, and be informed of the risks and benefits of their care and treatment. We also encourage residents to be involved in the way our services are planned and run. We deliver sensitive and conscientious care through competent, committed and well trained staff who understand the needs of elderly people.

As proprietors we are always available to assist or advise residents and their families. We allocate a Key Worker to each resident with their agreement, to give the individual the feeling of being part of the family group, and of having someone who they come to know available to whom they can relate and in whom they can confide.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a secure, agreeable, and tasteful home, to those of advancing years, who are enduring the transition from total independence, to the need for progressive assistance. We endeavour to achieve this by providing a safe and comfortable, dignified yet stimulating, environment that is tailored to maximise each resident's physical, emotional and social capacity. We also strive to attain high standards of quality in the service we offer, the lifestyle we lead, and the environment we nurture.